Cheri's Allergy Adventure is a resource for those

with multiple food allergies and their families.

Here at Cheri's Allergy Adventure, we focus on information that

you can use on your personal Allergy Adventure.

Drawing on Cheri's experiences, plus interviews with specialists in nutrition, medicine and other fields that can help you every day.

Sometimes it's a simple hack, other times it may be an series of strategies designed to improve your daily routine.

We are striving to help people like you vanquish your fear and confidently adapt to your allergy adventure.

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Allergy Eats

Since my food allergy diagnosis, my husband and I rarely eat out. When we do, it’s usually something far away from the foods I used to eat. Indian curries are great, and Thai foods offer many choices. Chinese food can be good, but I’ve had some bad reactions even though they offer gluten-free versions. I’m sure that it is

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