Since my food allergy diagnosis, my husband and I rarely eat out. When we do, it’s usually something far away from the foods I used to eat. Indian curries are great, and Thai foods offer many choices. Chinese food can be good, but I’ve had some bad reactions even though they offer gluten-free versions. I’m sure that it is a matter of cross contamination.


I love Japanese food, but soy sauce has wheat in it. I can make it myself substituting Tamari, but they usually don’t offer that in a restaurant. Tamari is soy sauce without the wheat. It tastes great, and I wish that more places offered it as an option. Surprisingly, authentic Mexican foods (not American Mexican) are very safe for me. Just hold the cheese of course! 

We recently took a trip to North Carolina. I was pleased to discover there were more places where I could find food then what I normally find. One of the biggest surprises was Denny’s. I normally think of the big chains as being very ridged, but there was one great option. The Grand Slam. You order three items. I was able to order meat, hash browns, and apples. It filled me up and I didn’t feel deprived. 

On the fancier side, in the Seattle airport we found a sport’s bar that had lovely salads (although as you know airport food can be a bit spendy. The price of this salad had us thinking that we should check our credit limit! )

Waiter with Cheri

Finally, on the way home, there was a restaurant in the Salt Lake City named Squatters. They had all kinds of great options, and our server, Kole, was extremely knowledgeable. We had great food there, and the prices were a bit more reasonable than Seattle.

Besides those meals, I also enjoyed salmon, bbq pork, and wings at various other establishments. When not out and about, I was able to buy most of my allergy friendly staples at the local markets so I still had good eats. The Carolinas boast some great eats.

So fear not. Even with multiple food allergies, with a little planning and care you can have a wonderful trip too.

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