“You’re going to ask people to drink milk in a winery? That’s just crazy”. Well, it might have sounded a bit crazy but you just can’t pass up a good opportunity to do a demo at such a great place.

The other thing is we don’t just sell a great tasting dairy milk alternative. We sell a great tasting dairy milk alternative that you can cook with!

Drone image of Mountain Brook Vineyard
Image of Mountain Brook Vineyard BDX Wine Bottle

For this demo, we used our chocolate sauce recipe drizzled over either strawberries or marshmallows. The chocolate sauce is one of my favorite things to have people taste. They are always amazed and excited when they taste that dark chocolate drizzled over the treat of their choice, and as you know, chocolate and wine do pair well together!

Mountain Brook Winery paired our chocolate sauce with their red “BDX” wine. It was simply delicious.

We arrived at the winery around noon on that Sunday. We had spent the morning preparing for the event, and the day before hunting down fresh strawberries. We brought hundreds! With the wineries’ “Queen Esther” assisting us, we set up and prepared for the masses. The winery has outdoor seating with tables on several levels and locations. It’s huge and intimate at the same time! There was live music and while the weather was a bit windy to start with, otherwise the venue was fantastic.

Cheri's HazelCream Demo at Vineyard

We were there all day and it was a wonderful experience. We stayed busy, speaking with people at our booth as well as taking samples around to the various tables. Everyone wanted a sample and some came back to the booth for seconds. It still amazes me how many people have dairy allergies or sensitivities. Many people wanted to hear my story, and I was able to answer their questions about our product.

Four young women spent time at the booth, explaining that nursing mothers are advised to avoid dairy products. I really hadn’t given that much thought, but then I remembered the interview I recently recorded with Dr. David Otto for Cheri’s Allergy Adventure. He explained that cow’s milk contains antibodies for calves, not for human infants.

At the end of the day we rested and reflected. Many people ordered product from our website as a result of our demo. I am encouraged by how many people are looking for a cooking substitution for milk. There are many wonderful products that you can drink or add to your coffee, but

how many can you make gravy with? That’s why Cheri’s HazelCream was created.

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