Food Fails
Bad Bread

It all started with bread.  After the initial shock of being diagnosed with multiple food allergies, one of the first baking projects I tried was bread. The first surprise was learning that I couldn’t just substitute one kind of non-wheat flour for regular flour.  I spent much money buying rice flour, oat flour, and several […]

Over the River

Visiting family is wonderful. Well, mostly. They may be our biggest fans as well as our biggest critics. And nothing can go against the grain more than having different habits. Whether it’s a food preference or aversion, a life-style change, religious considerations, or food allergies, visiting family can put pressures and set expectations that you don’t […]

Come Share Our Table
table setting

I love to entertain, to feed my friends. I love the discussions that happen during mealtime, to hear people’s stories. In my past life – prior to my allergy diagnosis – I created meals without any consideration for allergies or dietary considerations. I didn’t know anyone that had an allergy, at least that had admitted […]

Cheri Redgrave Extended interview with Deb Kos

As part of my allergy summit “A Convergence of Ideas for Food Allergy Sufferers” , I had the opportunity to interview Deb Kos, founder of, a personal organizer business. In this interview, Cheri talks to Deb about ideas for keeping kitchens organized and safe for food allergy sufferers. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Trails
Model T

Traveling with food allergies is always a challenge and it’s been made even more so with Covid restrictions. Covid or no Covid, the key to having an adventure and not a disaster is pre-planning. As an example, traveling by car offers a ton of choices and challenges. For our situation, we normally don’t travel by […]

Cheri’s extended interview with Ruth Oesterman

As part of my allergy summit “A Convergence of Ideas for Food Allergy Sufferers” , I had the opportunity to interview Ruth Oesterman, founder of le Bonne Vie, a personal chef business. Her path through the distress of learning her husband had serious health issues to the success of her business today is inspirational. I […]

Tis the Season

My parents were born in 1916. Back then allergies were just something you handled, as my mom would say: “Toughen up and just get over it.” Peanuts were everywhere, and milk was given out with school lunches. Fresh Foods were local foods. I remember accompanying mom into the produce section and being thrilled that she […]

My Brady Bunch

I was adopted at birth. This past year I sent my DNA away to be tested to help me look for my birth relatives. Wow. I went from one living relative that I knew about, to over one hundred new relatives, the majority of whom are all living in close proximity to each other. The […]