Carolina Cream

Mountain Brook Vineyard Courtyard

“You’re going to ask people to drink milk in a winery? That’s just crazy”. Well, it might have sounded a bit crazy but you just can’t pass up a good opportunity to do a demo at such a great place.

The other thing is we don’t just sell a great tasting dairy milk alternative. We sell a great tasting dairy milk alternative that you can cook with!

For this demo, we used our chocolate sauce recipe drizzled over either strawberries or marshmallows. The chocolate sauce is one of my favorite things to have people taste. They are always amazed and excited when they taste that dark chocolate drizzled over the treat of their choice, and as you know, chocolate and wine do pair well together!

Mountain Brook Winery paired our chocolate sauce with their red “BDX” wine. It was simply delicious.

We arrived at the winery around noon on that Sunday. We had spent the morning preparing for the event, and the day before hunting down fresh strawberries. We brought hundreds! With the wineries’ “Queen Esther” assisting us, we set up and prepared for the masses. The winery has outdoor seating with tables on several levels and locations. It’s huge and intimate at the same time! There was live music and while the weather was a bit windy to start with, otherwise the venue was fantastic.

We were there all day and it was a wonderful experience. We stayed busy, speaking with people at our booth as well as taking samples around to the various tables. Everyone wanted a sample and some came back to the booth for seconds. It still amazes me how many people have dairy allergies or sensitivities. Many people wanted to hear my story, and I was able to answer their questions about our product.

Four young women spent time at the booth, explaining that nursing mothers are advised to avoid dairy products. I really hadn’t given that much thought, but then I remembered the interview I recently recorded with Dr. David Otto for Cheri’s Allergy Adventure. He explained that cow’s milk contains antibodies for calves, not for human infants.

At the end of the day we rested and reflected. Many people ordered product from our website as a result of our demo. I am encouraged by how many people are looking for a cooking substitution for milk. There are many wonderful products that you can drink or add to your coffee, but

how many can you make gravy with? That’s why Cheri’s HazelCream was created.

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Cheri Redgrave 3rd Interview with Dr Otto

Dr Otto and Cheri

Cheri’s third interview with Dr David Otto discussing food allergies, anti-bodies, and endorphins. Dave is a chiropractor, allergy sufferer and a source of knowledge on allergies. please enjoy his insights into living with food allergies.

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Cheri Redgrave extended interview with Eileen McClellan

Eileen and Cheri

As part of my allergy summit “A Convergence of Ideas for Food Allergy Sufferers” , I had the opportunity to interview Eileen McClellan, founder of Zella , a line of delicious Roasted Hazelnut products. While she has no allergies, herself, she talks about the experience of meeting Cheri and the impact of their project on. I hope you enjoy it.

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Allergy Eats


Since my food allergy diagnosis, my husband and I rarely eat out. When we do, it’s usually something far away from the foods I used to eat. Indian curries are great, and Thai foods offer many choices. Chinese food can be good, but I’ve had some bad reactions even though they offer gluten-free versions. I’m sure that it is a matter of cross contamination.

I love Japanese food, but soy sauce has wheat in it. I can make it myself substituting Tamari, but they usually don’t offer that in a restaurant. Tamari is soy sauce without the wheat. It tastes great, and I wish that more places offered it as an option. Surprisingly, authentic Mexican foods (not American Mexican) are very safe for me. Just hold the cheese of course! 

We recently took a trip to North Carolina. I was pleased to discover there were more places where I could find food then what I normally find. One of the biggest surprises was Denny’s. I normally think of the big chains as being very ridged, but there was one great option. The Grand Slam. You order three items. I was able to order meat, hash browns, and apples. It filled me up and I didn’t feel deprived. 

On the fancier side, in the Seattle airport we found a sport’s bar that had lovely salads (although as you know airport food can be a bit spendy. The price of this salad had us thinking that we should check our credit limit! )

Finally, on the way home, there was a restaurant in the Salt Lake City named Squatters. They had all kinds of great options, and our server, Kole, was extremely knowledgeable. We had great food there, and the prices were a bit more reasonable than Seattle.

Besides those meals, I also enjoyed salmon, bbq pork, and wings at various other establishments. When not out and about, I was able to buy most of my allergy friendly staples at the local markets so I still had good eats. The Carolinas boast some great eats.

So fear not. Even with multiple food allergies, with a little planning and care you can have a wonderful trip too.

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First First

Cheri's HazelCream Demo at First Friday

Visiting Bend Oregon has an interesting monthly event called First Friday. On the first Friday of the month, businesses entice customers with wine, snacks, and each one features a different local artist. It’s fun to walkaround, perhaps visit stores that you’ve never been in, and generally have an enjoyable walk.

There is a cool store in the Old Mill District named Kara’s Kitchenware. We had the good

fortune of being invited to participate in First Friday by offering samples of strawberries, mangos, or marshmallows with chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce was made on the premises with Cheri’s HazelCream. It was our first demo, on a First Friday. There was a steady stream of people, a combination of shoppers and looky-loos. Besides our fruit and chocolate, others were offering caramel popcorn balls, chocolate bars, and wine. The art was lovely, offering trees and forest scenes.

My guess is that seventy-five percent of the people passing by stopped to taste a sample. The response was overwhelmingly positive. As I squirted the chocolate on the fruit, I gave my five second sales pitch. If someone stayed longer, then I would go into greater detail. A few people had

questions, which I was glad to answer. We also offered business cards and one-sheets that had the chocolate sauce recipe on it. 

Demos are an excellent was to expose the public to our wonderful product. We will be back at Kara’s for First Friday in November. If you are in the area, please come and check us out.

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Cheri Redgrave 2nd Interview with Dr Otto

Dr Otto and Cheri 2

Cheri’s second interview with Dr David Otto covering a range of allergy related topics. Dave is a chiropractor, allergy sufferer and a source of knowledge on allergies. please enjoy his insights into living with food allergies.

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Whats on the Menu

I was overwhelmed when I was first diagnosed with food allergies. All my life I had enjoyed all food had to offer. I loved going to restaurants. So much so that any vacation included plans on where to eat. Las Vegas was always a favorite. So many celebrity chefs have restaurants there, and it was such a treat to choose. Likewise when we traveled to Disney World they had their international food fare. It is with great fondness that I still remember the escargot in a garlic butter sauce – so fabulous. Now it seems like another world ago. So what is on the menu?

At first, I floundered. For every success there was a failure. It was expensive and frustrating to create a good gluten-free flour. You can’t just substitute one ingredient, there needs to be a combination of various flours in order to get a decent result. I’m not sure how I discovered gfJules, but she makes a wonderful one-to-one substitute flour. From that point on, I began looking for substitutes.

Of course, egg is the biggest issue. You practically need a degree in food chemistry to figure out egg substitutions. It all has to do with how the egg is used in the recipe. Eggs and egg whites are so versatile that I have at least 6 different substitutes. Plus the experts say to limit your eggs to only two in a recipe. If you need more than two eggs, then you need to make multiple ingredient substitutions. I make a delicious lemon cake. My recipe has two egg substitutes. I use a two egg portion of an egg replacer, such as Neat Egg or Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer, and then use applesauce for the third egg. It works great and is one of the most requested recipes that I make.

Butter is not a problem, and I’ve even found butter flavored oil. Cheese is interesting. There are many choices for soft cheese. I believe many of the best ones are made from cashews. Cheese shred products are just okay. They are supposed to easily melt, but that has not been my experience. Most companies’ hard cheeses are still a work in progress. The exception is parmesan; there are several good ones that act and cook like the original.

I don’t know anyone else that has a pea allergy, but it’s pretty simple to watch for. The biggest thing to watch for on the ingredient label is pea protein. Most of the meat substitutes use pea protein. If my recipe calls for peas and it’s a color thing – think fried rice – then I can substitute green onions or edamame.

My process for reverse engineering a meal is simple. I pick something that I want to eat. Last night it was meatballs. I found a recipe that looked wonderful, so now I needed to make my substitutions. I print off the recipe so I can write comments on it, plus I note each ingredient that I substitute.

For the meatballs, the recipe called for ground beef, chopped onions, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Now for the modifications. For breadcrumbs I used Kikkoman gluten-free panko. I needed one egg, so it was Bob’s Red Mill egg substitute. Four ounces of Follow Your Heart parmesan cheese. Milk, of course I use my own Cheri’s HazelCream. Formed into balls, they bake in the oven.

Meanwhile I fixed gluten-free spaghetti according to package instructions. Pasta sauce was the final piece of the puzzle. When I served it to my husband, he said it took him back to his childhood, that it was a genuine comfort food dish.

And that’s my goal. An allergy friendly meal that the entire family will enjoy.

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Cheri Redgrave Extended interview with Val Nichols

Image of Val and Cheri

As part of my allergy summit “A Convergence of Ideas for Food Allergy Sufferers” , I had the opportunity to interview Val Nichols, founder of Val Nichols Consulting, a marketing consulting and coaching company. Her story of sulfite allergies is instructive and insightful. I hope you enjoy it.

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Cheri Redgrave Extended interview with Dave Otto

Dr Otto and Cheri 2

As part of my allergy summit “A Convergence of Ideas for Food Allergy Sufferers” , I had the opportunity to interview Dave Otto, a chiropractor, allergy sufferer and a source of knowledge on allergies. His training and life’s journey has provided him with insights into living with food allergies. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Blessed and Cursed

Who am I speaking of? Restaurant servers.

In the last month, I have been at two chain restaurants. As I looked at the menu, I sadly realized that there was no menu item that I could order and eat safely. There are several things you need to be concerned about when  

eating out. The first is how the food is prepared. One of the first questions I ask a server is “What do the cooks use on the grill?” If it’s some type of oil that’s a good thing. But if it’s butter then it’s a no go.

It was breakfast. The best I can usually hope for in a chain restaurant is a side of some kind of meat and some kind of potatoes. Perhaps some fruit. But if the grill is butter based, then even that is in question. My server informed me that the cooks use butter. I was hoping for some type of sausage. I have to be careful, because many sausages contain wheat. But the server checked the ingredients and asked the cook to use a clean grill. 

I couldn’t have the potatoes, but I was able to get some fruit. Not the kind of breakfast I would serve at home, and certainly not a grand feast, but at least I could eat something while everyone else was eating. 

The next meal was lunch, on a different day at a different location. Again, nothing on the menu for me. I told the server my dilemma and she said she would make me a custom salad with just lettuce, tomato, and olives. She looked at the labels on the salad dressings and found one that was vinegar based with some flavorings. She also verified that the french fries had no coatings. Just potatoes. Yes! So a rather bland lunch of salad and fries. But again, I was able to participate in the meal. 

Both servers got big tips!

For those of you who serve, I know it can be a thankless job. I’m sure there are people that treat you poorly. Just know that when you make an effort to provide an eating option for those with allergies it will be appreciated immensely. 

So that’s why I’m asking you to know how the food is prepared. Are there coatings or sauces that may cause a reaction? Is there a way to make an ingredient substitution? You are the liaison between a hungry suffering guest and a cranky chef. But I know you are up for the challenge. 

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