I have been a professional musician, director of musicals, a computer programmer and many other things along the way, but one thing I never expected was to be a food allergy avenger.

Throughout my adult life I have suffered with auto-immune

problems. It began with a diagnosis of sarcoidosis in my early twenties, and much later with lichen sclerosis.

From every medical specialist the response was the same: “So sorry, there is nothing we can do”. I finally visited a naturopath who suggested that I test for food allergies.

The result? I am allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, and peas. I changed my eating habits immediately. I floundered for the first six months after the diagnosis. Then I became a "Food Allergy Avenger", dedicated to working out the best ingredients to substitute in classic and favorite recipes. The result of that effort was the creation of my website, 2cooks4Allergies.com where my chef friend Eileen and I share some of my recipe discoveries.

Then another friend, newly diagnosed with a gluten allergy asked me if there was a quick-start guide for gluten-free eating. I made one for him. 

Soon I began working on a new website idea that shares ideas and hacks for the food allergy sufferer. I did not want to dwell on the negatives – because there are plenty of those – but instead focus on how to make your life an adventure. And so this site; CherisAllergyAdventure.com was


I hope you find useful and entertaining information here. We are planning to grow this site to be a resource for all who are challenged by food allergies and share some of the the tricks I've learned along the way to make the adventure a bit more fun.